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Cozy Ugg Slippers in NYC

When it comes to my personal style I have always been a fan of being cozy and comfortable. I made a point to pack these cozy Ugg slippers I found at Nordstrom for our trip to NYC last week. Shelly and I had so much fun exploring the city but it was so nice to come back to our hotel room and just relax and order room service. We also started re-watching the first season of Gossip Girl! Anyone else a fan?! I wore these slippers in the hotel room the entire time we were there! They are SO comfortable and feel like you’re walking on a cloud. I love that they have a rubber sole so you have the option to wear them indoor or outdoor. Yes, I do wear them outside aka to Target, Starbucks, and school drop-off and I love them!  I’ve found so many cute styles of Uggs at Nordstrom, from slippers to boots! I’m linking a these slippers as well as a few more of my favorite Uggs from Nordstrom below! XO

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Shelly Ruth Photography

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