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My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog!!  I’m so excited to be sharing my first blog post AND YouTube video with all of you.  This is my current everyday makeup routine.  I’ve received so many questions on Instagram about which products I use to do my makeup and what my everyday makeup routine is.  I have always loved makeup and enjoyed trying out new products and experimenting with looks.  This look is my go-to everyday makeup that I wear pretty much everyday (unless I’m just bumming it with my kids around the house in which case I wear zero makeup which happens a lot!) I linked all of the products I used in my tutorial below for you guys!  Thanks so much for stopping by! X0x0

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  1. Hi Hollie! Great tutorial! I was wondering where you learned how to do contouring? That is one thing lacking in my routine, and know nothing about it. I love how it changes your whole look and I especially like the nose contouring. Any suggestions for resources on contouring? Have you ever gone to someone at Sephora or the MAC counter for a “lesson?” Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Hi Babe! I basically taught myself just by watching YouTube tutorials! I never cream contour because it seems like it could go really wrong really fast, lol! I I love watching Jaclyn Hill’s contour videos on YouTube because she explains everything really well!! X0

  2. Hi, I have been wanting to get the shape tape but can’t ever seem to get to sephora! I just found your instagram and realized I have a bunch of your photos already on my pinterest acct. Since I’ve found your acct. Ive been going through my closet and have been having so much fun trying new things out! Im also in indiana about 2 and a half hours from Indy! Thanks for the video, I would love to learn about your self tanning routine! I can never seem to stick to one product or regimen ! ❤

  3. I’m so happy that you finally got a blog- I have been waiting!! Love this video! I am a serious spray tanner myself, and I’m just curious as to why you don’t spray your face? I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong! Congrats on your blog, I can’t wait to see more!

  4. Love the makeup tutorial!!! I’m always over thinking my contour and this seemed so much easier! Would love to see a hair tutorial next! I have Bellami extensions and am always looking for better ways to conceal and blend😉Congrats on the blog😊

      1. Hi Hollie! Mildly Obsessssssed 🙂 I’m new to the Indy area, and I was curious who does your micro-blade/eyebrows. They’re perfect!!!Definitely considering it.


        1. Hi girl! Thank you so much! Megan from Haute Lash and Brow in Indy did my brows and she does my lash extensions and she’s amazing! Her information is on Facebook or Instagram <3 Welcome to Indy, Love!

  5. Love this video!:) I was wondering if you have oily/dry/normal skin? I’m trying to find a makeup that will be best for my skin, your makeup always looks so flawless!

    1. My skin is combination! I have dry patches with a normal/slightly oily t-zone! I loooove the Double Wear bc it isn’t too drying but it sticks like glue!

  6. Hi Hollie I love your blog!! One question on your makeup tutorial… you use Mac medium deep setting powder is it the Mac pro long wear or the mineral one? I asked for it at the Mac counter but they had a few different choices so I decided to wait to ask you first!! Thanks again for all your helpful makeup tips!!!

  7. Hi Hollie I’m having a hard time contouring my nose… I have the shade and light pallete but I’m just not sure what brush I should use?? I appreciate any suggestions you may have!! Thanks again for all your tips!!

    1. Hi! I typically use a large Sonia Kashuk flat eyeshadow brush from Target! I’m not sure of the exact name but I know they still have it in stores!

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