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Striped Knotted Tee

After I had Brielle I remember my mom said to me, “Now that you’re a mom you need to buy a lot of hair ties!”…She was implying that I didn’t have a lot of time to fix my hair or get ready now that I was a mom– which I’ve found to be totally true, ha!  There are SO many days when I just don’t have the time to take an hour to get ready so I just throw my hair up in a topknot, throw on a cute tee and jeans and I’m out the door #momlife. Of course I love to get dressed up and I have days when I like to take my time and curl my hair and plan my outfit down to the last accessory but sometimes it’s just not realistic. That’s probably why half of my closet is t-shirts, haha. I love this knotted striped tee SO much.  It’s available in several color options and how cute are the ruffle sleeves? These skinny jeans have been on repeat lately and I can’t get over the fact they’re only $64. You guys already know I love these wedges. They are seriously more comfortable than some of my flats and I wear them a ton during the Summer. Also, I’ve had a ton of requests so I’m filming a topknot tutorial and it will be up very soon!

My cute Mother-in-law flew in today to stay with us for a few days and we’re so excited to have her.  The girls love her so much and she’s honestly one of my best friends.  We have so much fun together. We are heading to Brielle’s end of year Kindergarten program tomorrow. I seriously can NOT believe she’s almost in First Grade–what?! So crazy and sad and happy all at the same time, haha.  Thanks so much for stopping by! XO

Photos by Shelly Ruth Photography

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