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Brynleigh Kate Turns 5!!

Yesterday our sweet Brynleigh turned 5!  I seriously can’t believe she’s 5, you guys.  She still seems so little to me, she will always be my sweet baby! Brynleigh fills our lives with so much love and joy.  She has the funniest personality- if you follow me on Instagram Stories you’ve seen how she keeps us laughing everyday.  She’s the sweetest sister and is always so concerned with Brielle’s feelings. She wanted to pick out an American Girl doll yesterday for her birthday so we went to the store and the whole time she would point at things and say “Brielle would love this!” or “We should get this for Brielle…” – she’s seriously such an Angel. We’re having a little party this weekend with her friends (she insisted on Chuck-E-Cheese- lol!) but we had a family dinner last night with my parents to celebrate. We had so much fun and Brynleigh was loving all the attention! 😉
We are big birthday people in our house and love to make a big deal about birthdays so we’ve pretty much been celebrating all week!  A few days ago we had a lunch date with my friend Shelly at one of our favorite little bakeries in Indy, the Cake Bake Shop.  It’s the CUTEST little cake shop and it’s decorated so girly so of course the girls love it.  I wanted to spend some one-on-one time with Brynleigh for her Birthday. We had the best time.  I think she downed half of a giant piece of red velvet cake!  She cracks me up.  The Holidays are getting closer and I recently picked up some cute new things for the girls from Nordstrom including this darling tulle dress she wore to our Birthday lunch.   These adorable leggings are so soft and I love that they are extra thick for the colder months.  Indiana has cold winters so I like to dress the girls in clothes that are made with quality, thicker fabric so they will be warm!  I’m also DYING over these rose gold metallic flats with the pom-poms!!  They will be SO cute for our family Christamas card photos and for church.  Both of our outfit details from Nordstrom are listed below! XO

Brynleigh’s Outfit:

My Outfit:

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

Photos by Shelly Ruth Photography

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